Taking a breath

February 01, 2017  •  1 Comment

My first post!

Life really does happen in the blink of an eye. I remember when I was just a child and would sit outside just watching the trees and clouds, feeling like the days seemed to go by in slow motion. I can think back to the luxury of having a lazy, warm and beautiful summer day and finding a nice cozy spot to lay in the sun and take a cat nap. Fast forward almost 20 years and now I feel like I barely have time to get a shower at the end of most days! One of the reasons I am in love with my job and the art of photography in general, is the ability to freeze time and capture a memory with just one little click. I try to create an experience with each of my clients that they will enjoy reminiscing on for days and years to come. While reminiscing they are able to look through their photographs and feel like they have somehow slowed down time even if for just a moment.

I am not real sure just how many people will visit the blog on this site but I plan to keep it updated at least once or twice a month for my own benefit. If people seem to enjoy reading over it then I will try and update more often. I have no specific plan for this blog, my hopes are that it will allow me to document my work and help keep track of my journey. I also hope to make someone smile or laugh from time to time. I plan to talk about all of the beautiful things I come across that keep me excited. Just like the seasons are constantly changing so are the things that keep an artist inspired and pushing their work to different places!! Thanks for stopping by!     -Whitney


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Taking a breath
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